Esnatech Telephony Office Linx (TOL)

With Esnatech we offer uTelephony office Linx (TOL). This solution is a system in which voice mail and unified messaging are central.
Tol is designed to integrate with almost any (recent) telephone, networking,
e-mail programs and CRM packages.
By establishing a link between a telephone and computer network, it is possible to streamline your phone and fax traffic.
TOL is modulare and therefore interesting for both large and small businesses.

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UC for Google apps

* AppsGoogle™ Gmail Unified Messaging
* Speech Access to Apps
* Google™ Talk Rich Phone Presence
* Google™ Calendar
* Knowledge Screen Pops
* Google™ Fax Services
* Google™ Android PBX Integration
* UC Web Services

UC for Google apps brings lots of possibilities to your bussiness.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It makes phone calls possible over the Internet or another IP networks.
There is only one infrastructure. Working with VoIP-based telephone systems within corporations have become very common.

What does CTI VoIP?
CTI Solutions offers hosted telephony solution called CTIVOIP. This involves the more familiar, but still very good rates
for traditional traffic and also free calls via the Web is presented.
CTIVOIP is fully SIP compliant, the current world standard for Voice and Video over Internet, so all investments are optimally
safeguarded and a wide range of products are and will become available.

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A lot of communication issues can be resolved by the Unified Messaging solutions from iXware.
All your messages can be sended and received from one central mailbox. This mailbox(Lotus, MS Outlook)iXware integrates scanning, fax or SMS to an existing enterprise email environment.

Use iXware to centralize your documents, digitize and archive so you can easily archive and organize your documents.

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CTI Hosted SMSLogo CTIsms hosted sms

Email to SMS brings the possibility to send an SMS message from your current email program to any mobile phone. The communication between office and field staff becomes much easier. 
A change
 to an appointment or meeting is easily giving this wayLike a normal email you can enter multiple recipients, type your message and all recipients are informed immediately.
You can also email an urgent addition as a normal email and as an SMS.

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